Çelikler Foundation

As Çelikler Foundation, our aim is; With the aim of raising modern generations with national consciousness, knowledgeable, cultured, highly skilled, qualified, talented, loyal to the principles of the republic, in order to protect and develop the economic, national, historical and cultural existence of the Turkish society and on the condition of complying with the provisions of the legislation; to establish education and training institutions, health, culture, art, science, technology and sports institutions; To lead in all matters related to education and training, to contribute to the development of the society, to carry out the activities necessary to achieve these goals for every citizen to the extent of their possibilities and success, and to establish, operate and develop facilities.

Social Responsibility Projects

As Çelikler Holding, while aiming to benefit our country with our success in the sector, we do not forget our social responsibilities.

Social Helps

We make regular financial aid for families in need.


We provide scholarships to students who need financial support for equal opportunities in education.

Our Environmental Responsibilities

We are working on afforestation to breathe the future.

We Protect Our History

We contribute to revealing our rich history with the support we provide to archaeological excavations.