About Us

Çelikler Holding was launched in 1958 by their founder Osman ÇELİK and continues today to do business in the energy, mining, construction, contracting and tourism sectors with steady growth and a profound experience of more than 66 years.

Having accomplished a multitude of projects in the Turkish energy, mining, construction and contracting industries, Çelikler Holding conducted all these projects with a superior service understanding, taking the quality principle as their guide in all activities, and is currently generating a significant part of the country's electricity requirement using domestic and national resources and state-of-the-art technology.

Continuing its power generation activities with thermal, hydroelectric and geothermal power plants, Çelikler Holding is one of the largest electricity generation companies in Turkey.

Characterized by efficient use of novelties brought by advancing technology along with a consistent increase in the advantages the holding has brought to their lines of business with each passing day, Çelikler Holding’s experience and capacity in construction have made the holding attain a lasting place among the leaders that shape the industry in the realization of the largest infrastructure and superstructure projects.

Regarding the mining sector, the holding continues to bring innovations to the industry through the use of cutting-edge technology in mining production with domestic resources.

Çelikler Holding is also engaged in the tourism sector, namely as the owner and operator of “InterContinental Grand Ankara Hotel”, the first five-star hotel in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. Shining out with its luxurious design and comfort, the hotel’s location directly opposite the Turkish Grand National Assembly has made the hotel a witness to the history of Turkey’s capital city ever since its opening in 1964.

As Çelikler Holding, we will continue to grow together nonstop, always walking hand in hand with our national values…