Integrated Management System Policy

As Çelikler Holding, we adopt Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality issues as a natural part of our business in the sectors in which we operate.

In this direction;

  • To be a leader in protecting our stakeholders and valuing the society we live in,
  • To create a healthy, safe and prosperous working environment for all our stakeholders by trying to eliminate dangers and risks in all activities carried out in affiliates and subcontractors, and to ensure the sustainability of this environment,
  • To achieve zero work accident and occupational disease targets and to develop a culture of Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality,
  • With the participation of everyone in our organization, to comply with the established standards, to show the necessary effort, to improve our performance by using the best available technologies,
  • To encourage the effective use of resources and energy, to minimize our impact on the environment,
  • To respect our stakeholders and their values, to support and develop them while carrying out our activities,
  • We aim to comply with all legal requirements and relevant standards for the development and continuous improvement of our processes.